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[Business Training] without execution is merely entertainment.
— Tim Sanders, Love is the Killer App

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How Employees Really Learn

We at THTE are committed to providing exceptional quality training that makes an impact, but we are also realistic; most people learn much more outside of the training room.  Employees learn by:

  • asking a co-worker in the break room (who might be doing it wrong),
  • contacting HR or a subject-matter expert (who has nothing better to do),
  • reading a book (which is hopefully up-to-date), or
  • surfing the internet (and not learning the company way).

There's a Better Way

"BeyondTraining" means:

  • Surveying employees to find out what their learning needs really are
  • Working with stakeholders to develop training material that looks like it was done in-house, and not by a vendor
  • Conducting post-training surveys, conference calls and/or focus groups to ensure learning is applied, paving the way to accurately determine ROI.
  • Developing an internal knowledgebase in which employees can find the answers they need instantly, accurately, and without additional company resources.