THTE was founded in California in 1999 by a couple of trainers, Scott Rowland and Matthew Vardaman, because training and design vendors used to annoy us.

They were expensive, we had to pay them every year for the same training, and the materials were never customized for us unless we paid even more! There had to be a better way.

Over the years, we’ve evolved from just instructional design and stand-up training to online learning, and most of all the SPIN AnswerBase, because we’ve learned it’s not about training - it’s about answers, and getting them quickly, whether in print, online, on a mobile device, via surveys, or through stand-up training.

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Why We Rock…

Our Mission is to deliver relevant answers quickly, anywhere, at any time, via any medium.


How THTE is Different

  1. We don’t charge by the hour. Whenever possible, we quote a flat, up-front price.

  2. All our work is customized for you and your organization’s culture - even our 360 and Employee Engagement surveys can be customized.

  3. You keep the rights to materials we make for you. If you want to do the training in-house next year, go for it - no charge. (what are we going to do with a manual with your logo on it?)

  4. We get as involved as you want. If you just want a survey or a handbook redone, fine. If you want to outsource your corporate university, that’s fine too.