Self-Paced Training worthy of THTE!

The topics below are broken into chunks, each longer than 3 minutes in duration.  With a few exceptions, take them in any order, or even skip them (just pass the test if there is one).  Take them any time you want, anywhere you want.

Oh, and they're inexpensive.  Need a volume deal?  Contact us!


Workplace Harassment - Employee Edition

This course meets the requirements for workplace harassment training in all states except California (if you're in CA, contact us).  Total estimated duration is 45 minutes. 

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Workplace Harassment - Supervisor Edition

Everything in the Employee Edition, plus a bit more that covers manager-specific issues around liability.  Total estimated duration is 1 hour.

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Excel I

If you're relatively new to Excel or don't use it very often, this is for you!  View only the topic(s) you need, whenever you need it. 

Total estimated duration is 45 minutes.