Employees of THTE on client-paid travel adhere to the following minimum standards:


  • Employees will fly on a discount airline (Southwest, JetBlue) whenever possible.

  • If a discount airline does not fly to the needed destination, the lowest-priced economy fare must be selected with manager approval.

  • Managing Partners may travel Business Class, Business Select or equivalent if offered.


  • If travel involves a distance of the lesser of a two-hour drive or 100 miles one way, THTE employees may exercise a hotel stay.

  • Employees shall stay in a hotel with a room rate of no more than $200 per night whenever possible, with exceptions made for select metropolitan areas where no such pricing is offered.

  • Managing Partners may elect a room upgrade if available.

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  • When using a rental car, mid-sized sedans will be used, with the exception of Managing Partners, which are allowed the use of a full-size vehicle.

  • Employee is responsible for their own fuel expenses and insurance.

  • Employees may choose to use a ride hailing system such as Uber or Lyft in lieu of a rental car.

  • Drives on client business over one hour are subject to an additional charge.

Per Diem

  • A per diem is allowed for meal expenses, the amount of which may vary based on the area, per GSA guidelines, which may be found at the following url:

  • For stays of 4 hours or less (including travel time), no greater than one half of the per diem will be assessed.

  • Receipts are only provided to clients upon request and are not typically required from employees; the per diem is simply charged to the client in lieu of collecting receipts.